Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Explanation

The picture in my blog title is from "Irreversible," a film by one of my favorite directors, Gaspar Noe (I can't make that little accent mark over the "e" in his last name). It's a brutal, brilliant film that shows exactly what good cinema is capable of. It's not easy to watch (like his other equally incredible film "I Stand Alone"), but it is important. It's everything I actually love about movies. Cinematography that draws you in and puts you on edge. A soundtrack that upsets your stomach (done on purpose). A story that holds no punches. You watch it and you realize anything can happen at any time and you are not safe.

That's what I love in a film.

I started this blog as a way to continue what I originally started with my old weekly column, "Excess Hollywood" on Film Threat. I no longer do the column, but still review films there and do the occasional interview. I've been involved in film journalism over ten years now. I've seen a lot. Little of it good. This blog is going to cover film, and yes it is a love letter to cinema, as I believe film, even more than my first love (books) can reach people the way no other artform can.

Sit back and enjoy, but like "Irreversible," it won't always be pleasant.


  1. Uh, you failed to mention what a great date movie "Irreversible" is. You ass!

    "Hey, George, you should take what's-her-name to the Bay Area for a weekend jaunt. "Irreversible" is opening. Surprise her with a screening of the movie, but don't tell her what it is about."

    Thanks, friend-o.

  2. Okay, let's pain a real picture of this situation, shall we? I never recommended you take your date to that movie. Never. In fact, I was shocked when you said you two went to see it. Not only that, you tricked her into going because you really wanted to see the film!

    Friend-o, indeed.

    As I recall, I received a really angry phone call from your date because I had been vocal in my desire to see the film, and she blamed me for being a guy. She never blamed me for her viewing of the movie, however. For that, she blamed you.

    Your take on history is as bad as the textbooks found in our public schools.