Monday, July 6, 2009

Here There Be Asteroids

As I wrote on my other blog, 8 Bit Disasters, Asteroids is going to be a major motion picture. For those old enough to remember, this is an Atari arcade game of the most simplistic sort. It's a classic and there is no real storyline to it.

What this also is, is Hollywood thinking that video game fans will eat up almost anything remotely related to the entertainment form they love. I can only hope that's not true, as it will lead to sequels and even more fast food tie-ins.

This should not be a film. It should have never even been an idea. My guess is that a screenplay made the rounds that was your standard asteroids present a danger type thing, and someone got the grand idea to attach the video game title to it, not realizing that it just sank the picture. They eliminated part of the audience that would have seen the film had it not been named after a video game, and made video game fans like myself question the validity of doing such a film.

If there's a lesson to be learned here it is that Hollywood will stop at nothing to mine anything it thinks has even an ounce of gold. And if you know what asteroids are made of ...

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