Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tea With the Enemy

I have a video of some amateur sex where a man sucks on a woman's used tampon. Fairly sick by any standard, even if you are a vampire. Anatomy of Hell, a superb film that examines the power of women, takes things a step further, but in a fiction setting.

There is a scene in the movie where the woman dips her tampon into hot water to have tea with her enemy, as she puts it. It's a powerful scene, and one that helped put the film into the "controversial" status it enjoys. (That's actually just one of many things that did that.) Yes, that scene freaks some people out, but I found it very compelling and telling of one's attitude toward women. After all, if there's one thing that men hate about women it's the menstrual cycle.

The film does not shy away from examining the power of the female form. It looks at the beauty and ugliness of female sexuality, and does a fine job of putting it in your face, too. That was the intent. The film does not strive to make itself presentable. It excels in destroying the viewers' sensibilities. That is something I wholly admire.

I hate films that say they are daring yet play it safe. I find it insulting. This film does anything but that, and for that it has my respect (and a place in my library). I sometimes challenge friends to watch it. The few who have taken me up on it are inevitably upset with me and the movie. That suits me fine, though. It lets me know we've both done our job.

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