Monday, August 9, 2010

An Easy Explanation

There are times I am asked why I love the Kill Bill series so much.  Besides the fact that it is an homage to just about every kind of film I love, there is the story.  The story has actual heart and emotion.  The second part is especially gripping.  The scene above, while not the best scene in the movie (that would be when The Bride sees her daughter for the first time), it does exemplify why I rank this film as one of my favorites.

I could probably write a book as to why this film works so well.  It can, of course, be seen as a straight-forward revenge film, but if you look deeper you start to see that it is all about motherhood and the bond between a mother and a daughter.  That is also oversimplifying things, but that is part of the overall picture, something that is often missed in conversations about it. 

I'll probably never tire of this film.  It is one of the few films I would have given five stars to had I reviewed it on Film Threat.  I don't think everyone is as enamored with it (it does help to have a background in Westerns, Italian giallos, martial arts films and the like -- but not necessary) as am I, but I know that most people at least get the spirit of it. 

I watched this scene again this weekend when I was feeling a bit down.  It helped boost my spirits, and it also made me pretty damn happy that I have quite a few strong females in my life.  I appreciate that, as I believe a woman should be strong to deal with much of the shit men pull on a regular basis.  As far as strong female characters go, The Bride is the pinnacle ... especially when you think about the fact that she never loses that maternal instinct.  In other words, she remains strong without acting like a man.

A brilliant film with a powerful message.  I hope I can someday write something as stunning as this film.  I doubt I can, but I'll be satisfied if it's even half as strong.

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