Sunday, February 13, 2011

Advance Word on the Bonus Disc on the Upcoming Stieg Larsson's Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

2/22/11.  Mark the date on your calendar, smart phone, Mayan stone disc thing -- whatever you got.  That's the day you can get your hands on Stieg Larsson's Dragon Tattoo Trilogy.  If you're waiting for the Hollywood remakes, you're an idiot.  These are the films to see.  My reviews of the films will be on Film Threat (I have my review of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo there with the rest to follow).  What makes this boxed set so special is the fourth disc.  (And no, this is not the mysterious fourth movie based on the rumored fourth book, but that is talked about on this disc.)

The bonus disc is one of the few that really is a bonus for fans of this trilogy (which at this point is just about everyone and their mothers).  You get a documentary that looks at Larsson's life, death, that fourth manuscript, neo-Nazis and just about everything else you can imagine.  (You'll also be amazed at how much his father and brother look like him.)  Also included are two very fascinating interviews with Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist.  Those three things alone would make the boxed set worth getting, but then there are interviews with other cast and crew and the staging of a fight scene, which makes this thing top out at just over the two hour mark.  Music Box Films has, again, scored a coup with this one.

If you haven't bought the other three films, this is going to be mandatory.  The documentary on Larsson is spectacular and goes in-depth with the people behind Expo and the books.  Of course, some of you may have already purchased the films not knowing this set was coming out.  Those make great gifts, as you simply have to watch this bonus disc.  (My screener copy actually had a glitch which made about ten minutes of the documentary unwatchable, but I still enjoyed it.  Normally that would drive me up a wall, but I actually made my DVD player strain trying to take in every word I could make out.)

Again, don't wait for the (most assuredly watered down) Hollywood remakes.  Go right to the source.  In just a few days you will have an incredibly in-depth look as to why this is literally a global phenomenon.

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