Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Hangover Part 2: More Hangy Overness

I put off watching The Hangover for a long time.  It looked utterly stupid, and the recommendations I was getting didn't help its case.  Then one night I caught a scene on cable (naked Asian guy jumping from the trunk of a car), and realized I was the one being a moron here.  I love naked Asian men!  This was a movie I had to see.

So I watched it ... several times.  And while it is not my favorite film comedy of all time (that title goes to Caddyshack), it ranks right up there, primarily due to Alan (Zack Galifianakis).  That character, who lives in his own little world, is perfect.  The odd things he says and the way he says them (the Jonas Brothers reference, the Wolfpack speech) make that character brilliant.  (Anyone who knows me should not be surprised by this.)

Sequels usually don't impress me much.  I will be giving this one a shot.  The Hangover Part 2, due out later this month, is going to do extremely well at the box office.  I'm glad Mel Gibson isn't in it.  (Between making Jesus porn, ranting against the Jews, calling women "Sugar Tits" and threatening women he screws, his star appeal is pretty much lost on me.  He's kind of become the Morton Downey, Jr. of the acting world.)  I'm very much looking forward to this one ... I just hope it doesn't disappoint, which it could, and since it was such a huge hit the potential for colossal disappointment looms over it like a pregnant storm cloud.

There are several ways this film could go wrong.  Seeing Ken Jeong back in it is, I would surmise, a bad sign.  (As much as I love naked Asian men, this needs other naked Asian men ... perhaps wrestling or something.)  If the character can return in a way that makes sense, I'm all for it.  Yes, it's a small world, but it ain't that small.  To just randomly run into this character again says, "Fans loved him the first time.  They'll love him this time, too, regardless of whether or not his appearance makes sense."  Revisiting the same storyline and gags from the first one (something very tempting to do in a comedy -- what worked once will work again) would also be a problem.

I'm reserving judgment, though.  I'll go see it.  It will get my money.  I will probably laugh.  If this gets fucked up, though, I won't be around for a third trip with the Wolfpack.

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