Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Sexual Savagery of Sea Creatures

Humanoids From the Deep.  If you watched horror movies in the '80s, you remember the title at the very least.  If you remember more than that, your memory probably begins and ends at the fact that these sea misfits raped women.  At least that's all I remember about the film.  I think I'd rather remember nothing because the film wasn't all that great -- another example of a concept that sounds much better on paper.

I first saw this at a friend's house with my friend's stepfather.  The entire visit was uncomfortable to say the least.  When the stepfather wasn't calling my friend an "asshole" and ordering to fetch a beer, he was making inappropriate comments.  I was probably twelve or so at the time, but I still didn't need to hear the casual way he referred to the sexual assaults on screen.  (Example:  As one of the humanoids swam up from the depths to attack a female swimmer, the stepfather waited until the humanoid neared her vagina to say, "I guess he's going to eat her more ways than one.")  The whole visit took on the air of a prologue to a snuff film, and Humanoids ... didn't help the situation one way or another.  To this day, my feelings on the film are clouded by that visit.

The film has its following, as most bad movies do, but the reality of this "monsters-want-to-mate-with-human-women-for-no-real-reason-other-than-to-give-viewers-glimpses-of-breasts" bomb is that is disjointed (that's what happens when you have two directors working against each other) and utter nonsense.  It does, however, contain the two ingredients that appeal to the base nature of teen boys of that era: gore and nudity.  Apparently, based on the leering and comments by my friend's stepfather, some people never seem to outgrow it or look at it in any other context than masturbatory fantasy material.

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