Saturday, January 8, 2011

Enter the Void

Enter the Void, director Gaspar Noe's latest, is due out on DVD later this month.  I am a big fan of Noe, which means I'm salivating like a dog looking at a fresh leg to hump.  I expect great things from the man, and I have yet to be disappointed. 

The film never made it to my local theatre.  That is chiefly because a few years ago a new company bought it (based out of Oregon) with the motto of money first, art later.  We did, however, get The A-Team.  I didn't even see that the "good" theatre in Arcata got it.  I was invited down to Santa Cruz to take in a show, but timing didn't work out on that, though I believe it must have been spectacular on the big screen.

The usual outlets (Amazon and Diabolik) will have it, and I hear there are two different running lengths available, with the longer being the drug of choice in this case.  That makes it easily obtainable, but still frustrating for someone who wanted to see it as it should be seen.  I can't help but be a bit bitter thinking fans of things like Season of the Witch and Little Fockers never have this problem.

I will, of course, be adding this my collection.  I have considered buying a Blu Ray player specifically for this purpose, and may still do it.  It is that important to me.  Had our local theatre, Coming Attractions, the one where hot dogs look old and the staff barely pays attention to whatever you are saying, shown it, my money would've went there instead.  Coming Attractions, which goes out of its way on its site to link itself to the "acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival by birthplace alone (an act of irony lost on anyone anxiously awaiting The Dilemma, has made it perfectly clear: the rabble is what it is after.  All the rest can go buy Blu Ray players.

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